3 Doses of Confidence

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“Not giving a f*ck does not mean being indifferent; it means being comfortable with being different.” — Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F —

The other day I read an article around approval seeking behavior. Apparently this starts in children who first learn to seek approval from their parents. Then over time children are conditioned to seek approval from others. As an ambivert, I understand the balance of seeking approval and not giving a f*ck.

1. Stay Seated

You may have heard this term at a yoga class, cycle class, meditation, or in grade school “stay in your seat”. The teacher usually says this when the students have become restless. You move, wiggle, looking for something to distract yourself because it hurts to stay still. Few people have moved into a space in life where they are comfortable being alone, with their own thoughts.

2. The Same Emotions Exist At Every Level

Since 18, I’ve lived in several big cities as a single woman. City life brings many experiences and simple survival has required me to observe. In the beginning I operated on intuition and feelings (still do). Then I began seeing patterns and synonymity think Law of Similarity.

3. You Can’t Purchase Confidence

Society can demand some pretty high standards for you to feel relevant in life. You must make 6–8 figures, be in shape, dress well, have clear skin, perfect teeth, speak clearly, have a strong sense of self (but not to strong), manage relationships, & obtain 100,000+ followers on Instagram. All before 30.



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Imani Simpson

Imani Simpson

Modern Cultural Creative | Product Designer. imani.space