Connecting v.s. Consuming People

The cost of living in an advanced world is deep connection.

I was on Facetime with a friend the other night when we started exploring our thoughts behind content consumption. In this context, the recurring thought was “why are people are so obsessed with other people?”. We were initially talking about my audible blog then started to discuss the latest in sub-cultures. From cancel culture recalling people as if humans are a product (spoiler: we can be). To video content surrounding a popular influencers “What I Ate In a Day.” Let’s break down the difference between consuming people versus connecting with people.


Starting with the definition

To consume is to; Use up a resource. Similar words: Use, Utilize, Expend.
Every time you watch, listen to, read about someone then you are using them. Often under the guise that you are connecting with them.

“For the most part, your brain cannot distinguish what’s real and what’s fake.” — David Hamilton, PhD


Connection is simple which is probably why people don’t do it.

It’s easiest to lean into an unlimited reservoir of false connection on social media. It’s become harder to do the basic steps in connecting like;



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Imani Simpson

Imani Simpson

Modern Cultural Creative | Product Designer.