Hello Work Privilege

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  • Introspection
  • Efficacy in remote work
  • What’s essential


We are having to self-reflect on a new level given the circumstances surrounding the virus. Hopefully the conversations we are having with ourselves are productive. I want to politely help you visualize job privilege based on my experiences in remote life.

Freedom — The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

To start, remote work has certain characteristics that many associate with freedom:

  • Autonomy
  • Cultivation
  • Expansion

Efficacy in remote work

I found success working remotely while studying Art Direction. After getting bored with designing ad experiences I discovered UX. I found that it was exactly what I wanted! Deciding to go deeper in my design career meant that I would have to find time to complete a UX program in conjunction with Art School. So, I shopped around for online UX courses and came across a well designed program offering a UX Intensive that was completely remote.

What’s Essential

Going into week 4 of quarantine means that for almost a month I’ve had to reconsider my daily habits under tight constraints.

  • What can I cook given what’s currently in the fridge? (since leaving the house is life-threatening)
  • How can I optimize my morning to enhance my mood? (since staying in bed crushes my self-esteem)
  • How should I better design my work environment? (since NY apartments are only 12 sq. ft)
  • How should I effectively deliver my work? (since communicating remotely is unique)
  • In what ways can I be mindful of my online consumption? (since noise doesn’t improve my day)



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Imani Simpson

Imani Simpson

Modern Cultural Creative | Product Designer. imani.space