Humans Don’t Care.

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Health 🥦

Given the fact that our mental and physical health is everything, and we are nothing without it, I’d say this is #1 on the list of important shit. Almost half of Americans are obese. That’s a fixable problem on an individual or group level. Yet we double our portions, opt for surgery, and diet pills over eating a fucking salad.

Career 💻

According to Gallup 85% of people hate their jobs. That’s like everybody? Well, we don’t always keep that same energy after the jobs done. There’s a hidden truth. Employers know it’s a numbers game in that a small percentage of people hired will actually move the needle in their company. Conversely, employees get comfortable and that passion, drive, and work ethic turns to transactional behavior. As a designer my view on work is colorful, creative and systems-oriented. I’m always looking for a way to automate, template and build on the previous effort. Anyone could benefit from that approach because we live in an age of infinite leverage.

What you choose to work on, and who you choose to work with, are far more important than how hard you work. — Naval

By the way that is #2 on the list of important shit.

Finance 💳

Yup #3

Conclusion 👋🏾

Having indifference is fine, it saves us energy and helps us prioritize.
Something has to take the backseat, but for phucks sake don’t let it be health, career or a 6-figure debt.



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Imani Simpson

Imani Simpson

Modern Cultural Creative | Product Designer.