3 Lessons from 2020

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Real Confidence is Built in Uncertainty

It’s easy for anyone to be confident when things are going objectively well. Much harder to move in confidence when ambiguity is staring you right in the face. For example this year had one of the worst unemployment rates at 14%. Yet I faced the job market with full confidence. How? Because I had put the work and effort in before the pandemic. So when things hit the fan I simply practiced maintaining that confidence. The compounded effort paid off.

Rejection is Good For You

Some of us may have learned when a situation returns a clear no that means never. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is closed doors open better ones if you let them. In the context of work and relationships, finding the right fit is all about timing. My friend always says to me “it’s a numbers game”. You could look at that as “how many no’s can I get before a yes”. OR you can view numbers in terms of time “the timing was off but i’m going to try again in 30 days”.

No One Can Love You Better Than Yourself

Be the love you never received — Rune Lazuli

That quote really resonates with the point here. Spending so much time with self this year has taught me how to love myself on another level. Consider this:

  • You know your routine best
  • You know your favorite foods, drinks, places to go
  • You know how to get yourself out of that fussy mood
  1. Build your confidence in hard times and follow through on that hard earned self-belief.
  2. Embrace rejection, trust the timing and know that every no leads to a better yes if you let it.
  3. DIY Love ❤



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Imani Simpson

Imani Simpson

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